Head, General Services

Date: Feb 5, 2024

Location: AT

Company: The OPEC Fund for International Development


Date of Issuance: 

Deadline of Applications:

Required Languages:

Contract Type:

Job Category:


  Corporate Services Department / Administrative Services Unit / General Services 

  February 5, 2024

  March 3, 2024


  Fixed Term Contract 




Job Profile:


The incumbent oversees the day-to-day implementation of all activities relating to general services, including but not limited to: work space management, security management, registry, transport services, health and safety, host country government liaison, travel management, sustainability initiatives, as well as other related activities, in accordance with departmental strategy.


Duties and Responsibilities:


Lead and manage the General Services Function and provide effective and timely support to Registry, Government Liaison, Travel, Security and Transport through:


People management

  • Manage, coach/mentor and supervise Employees in the General Services Function.
  • Preparation of inputs for the work program of the Function, identifying priorities, and allocating resources for the timely delivery of outputs.


Host Government Liaison and external relations

  • Supervises the administration of formalities / external relations with the authorities of the host country (e.g. administration of the legitimation card, monitoring and advising on the diplomatic privileges afforded to Employees) as well as assisting Employees regarding requests from external organizations.
  • Oversees activities with regards to Staff Members’ Legitimation Cards, Visas etc. as well as ensuring that eligible Staff Members are provided with the diplomatic privileges and immunities that go with their status, in accordance with the Headquarters’ Agreement.


Functional strategy formulation and regulatory compliance

  • Participates in the development of the Administrative Services work strategy, as well as manages the delivery of the strategic initiatives in line with the 2030 Strategic Framework.
  • Ensures the establishment of a framework and procedures with regard to workplace management, as well as, substantive work programs and programmed activities being carried out in line with established rules and procedures.
  • Coordinates and monitors all matters related to Health, Safety and Security activities.
  • Develops and implements the regulatory documents related to the Function’s mandate, including the development of SOPs. 
  • Focal point for the response and monitoring of internal audit and compliance observations; i.e. review draft reports, highlight issues, draft replies on related recommendations and follow up on actions as applicable.


Stakeholder management

  • Participate in cross cutting OPEC Fund matters, including participation in working groups as defined by the Director, Administrative Services Unit.


Work scheduling and allocation

  • Oversees and coordinates the allocation of office space and office planning, forecast of future space requirements in the OPEC Fund, including health, safety and security arrangements.
  • Responsible for supply and inventory and departmental property management.
  • Contracts management of goods and services under the responsibility of the General Services Function.
  • Prepares budget, manages and monitors budget expenditure for the General Services Function.


Expatriate relocation

  • Manages the relocation services provided to international Employees on appointment and separation, ensuring the provision of all logistical assistance required for their resettlement.



  • Compiles statistics relating to the operations of the General Services Function; prepares relevant reports on a regular basis and periodically delivers presentations on such to management and Employees.
  • Ensures compliance with the relevant procedures and produces clear and objective reports based on comprehensive data analysis.



  • Supervises the registry, travel and transportation activities, including official travel, visa and tax declaration services.

  • Directs all transport operations and drivers’ assignments.


Carries out other tasks assigned by the supervisor, which are relevant to the position (i.e., assistance to Director, Administrative Services Unit in the day-to-day administrative operations of the unit).



Qualifications and Experience:


  • Master’s degree in Business or Public Administration, Management, Commerce, Personnel Management, Economics or relevant field.
  • A minimum of 10 years relevant professional experience, of which 5 years should have been obtained within an MDB or an international institution.
  • Experience in new business development and innovative projects.
  • Experience in drafting SOPs and workspace management procedures.
  • Professional experience in either managing partnerships or the engagement of external partners, supply chain management, property management, procurement, contract management or related area is highly desirable.
  • Supervision a number of teams covering multiple disciplines is desirable.
  • Experience in data analytics or related area is desirable.
  • Thorough understanding of General Services principles, processes and instruments as well as organizational and general management concepts is desirable. 
  • Fluent in English. Fluency in German is highly desirable. Good working knowledge of either Arabic, French or Spanish is an added advantage.





  • The ability to leverage advanced expertise and analyze complex scenarios, guide team members and make informed decisions.
  • Maintains composure and focus during high pressure situations, effectively guiding the team, managing stress and ensuring critical tasks are completed on time.
  • Actively fosters a cohesive team environment and open communication, ability to guide and empower team members effectively; cultivate a positive work climate; delegate tasks skilfully and nurture team members' growth.
  • Focus on comprehending and addressing customer needs; consistently deliver exceptional service and foster strong, lasting customer relationships.
  • Demonstrates ownership and accountability in tasks and outcomes; uphold reliability and commitment to fulfilling responsibilities, guiding the team member's sense of responsibility and fostering a culture of dependability.
  • Analyzes information comprehensively to make well-informed decisions; assess both immediate and long-term ramifications
  • Demonstrable ability to work in an international multi-cultural environment, with sensitivity and respect for diversity.